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IT Security

You are responsible for any actions taken using your login details; therefore it is important to keep your username and password secure. For security reasons we do not recommend writing your password down. If you choose to do so, please ensure it is not clear that it relates to University systems (this reduces the risk should be found by anyone).

What to do if you have a problem?
If you are having problems retrieving your IT credentials using the link above or needing advice on registration please contact the International Office on Tel: +86(0)29 88492721 or Information Center on Tel: +86(0)29 88494315


PPPoE connection on Windows 10

1.Press “Windows?key?+X”, and click on “control panel”;

2.Then go to?Network and Internet->View network status and tasks?page.

3.Click on?Set up a new connection or network.

4.Select?Connect to the Internet?and click?Next?button.

5.Click on?Broadband (PPPoE).

6.Type in the information from you ISP.?Please make sure all these information is correct.?And then, click?Connect?button.

If all your information is correct, you may get the window below and you can surfing the Internet

7.At this, you have created a PPPoE dial up connection successfully. At the right side corner of your screen, click the same icon which looks like a computer, you can see a?Broadband Connection. You can disconnect or connect through the broadband connection.

PPPoE connection on Windows 7

1.Create a PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) Connection

2.Click "View network status and tasks"

3.Click "Set up a new connection or network"

4.Click "Connect to the Internet"

5.Click "Broadband (PPPoE)"

6.Enter the user name (school ID) and password that were activated. Click "Remember this password" and "Allow other people to use this connection". Click "Connect".

7.That’s it just click "Close" and enjoy.

PPPoE connection on Windows XP

1.Click Start, click Control Panel, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.

2.Under Network Tasks in the left pane, click Create a New Connection to start the Network Connection Wizard, and then click Next.

3.On the Network Connection Type page, select Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.

4.On the Getting Ready page, select Set up my connection manually and then click Next.

5.On the Internet Connection page, select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password, as shown in Figure 1 below, and then click Next.

6.On the Connection Name page, enter the service name that your Internet service provider (ISP) provided, and then click Next.

7.On the Connection Availability page, choose desired availability option and then click Next.

8.On the Internet Account Information page, enter your user name and password as shown in Figure 1 below and then click Next.

9.Click Finish to complete the wizard.


Internet Account Activation

1.Open Internet Explorer and input the website address of activating account in the address bar

2.Click the press “Account active”;

3.Input your account (equals to student/teacher number)、default password(equals to passport)、phone number and click the press “Get VerifyCode”. Input your code after receiving the message in your phone and click the press “Active”;

Check the balance /network flow/ change password

1. Open a browser and navigate to

2.Enter your student ID, password and security code.

3.Click Login button

Change data packet

Open a browser and navigate to

1.Enter your username, password, and Verify code.

2.Click “登陆” button

3.Click “User” button.

4.Click “Package transfer” button.

5.Choose your “Next Package”.

6.Click “Submit” button.


Create Email Account

1. Open the webpage on the language as English and Login in.

2.Click2.Register Now.

3.Fill up the forms.

4.Click “注册” button to complete the registration. See this page mean that success. Click “确定”.

5.Once you finished registration and you can check your email when login in.

Change password

You can change your email password on the Email page.

Forgotten/expired password

If you have forgotten your email password, or it has expired, you can reset it via?Email?provided you have previously set up an email security question.

If you have not set up a security question, or have forgotten the answer, you will need to come Information Center we need check your identity then help you reset your password.


NPU offers VPN service to connect to the campus network from and off-campus location. By connecting to the intranet from a remote location you can access to access to all the resources that you could have from the campus.

1. Open a browser and navigate to 1.Your browser may prompting a security alert. Choose the option “Continue to this website (not recommended)” to the next page.

2.For the “用户名” enter your student ID. Then for the “密码” enter the vpn password (Initial password was the same as your student ID). Click “登陆” button.


Directions to Information Center

The?Information Center?is open?Monday to Friday from?8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m during term time.

The Information Center will be open over the holidays, but we will be operating reduced hours. Monday to Friday 9:00?a.m. to 5:00?p.m.